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The Power Of The MBA

Earning an online MBA from an accredited university is a bold, smart choice that will accelerate your business career leading to large increases in salary and positions of higher responsibility. In the recent past, professionals had no option but to attend a full-time, campus-based MBA program. This presented considerable logistical difficulties for experienced business professionals with full time work and family obligations.


The best online MBA programs will typically offer you plenty of flexibility so that you can continue to work full time and fulfill your personal obligations. Online MBA programs are offered either in synchronous format or asynchronous format.

Synchronous means you will attend all of your online MBA classes at a set time with your fellow online students and professors. The advantage of this model is that you will move through the graduate program with classmates.

On the other hand, asynchronous format means that your online MBA classes are usually offered whenever you have the time to dedicate to them. You will still interact with other students and professors via online chats and bulletin boards.Generally attend classes on your own.

Peperdine University
Graziadio Business School, Top-Ranked Online MBA. GMAT Waivers Available
Syracuse University
Online MBA: GMAT Waivers Available
University of Denver
Online MBA: GMAT Waivers Available
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of Dayton
Online MBA: Complete in as few as 12-15 Months
University of North Carolina
#1-Ranked Online MBA: Two years of work experience required
Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business
Online Master of Business Administration
Villanova University
Online Master of Business Administration
Rider University
Online Master of Business Administration
George Mason University
Online Master of Business Administration

Popular Online MBA Specializations

Online MBA programs now many exciting and rewarding specializations for the MBA student who wants to obtain a deep grasp of specific business skillsets. The most popular online MBA concentrations include these:

Online Finance MBA (view more)

Learn how to develop and manage internal financial processes, and to leverage external finance markets and organizations. Also learn how to apply financial analytics to business decision making. The curriculum includes:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Short Term Financial Management
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Online MBA Supply Chain Management (view more)

Supply chain management is a set of approaches that efficiently integrates the flow of material, finance and information from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to the customer and then vice versa. The demand for MBA professionals in this area is growing quickly as companies understand the vastly improved efficiency and profitability that comes from effective supply chain management. The curriculum includes:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Global Logistics Management
  • Introduction to Project Management

Online Accounting MBA (view more)

Study how to develop and manage complex budget processes, and employ decision making that is driven by data. Also find out how you properly apply audit and control processes. Demonstrate legal and ethical accounting practices within your organization. The curriculum includes:

  • Financial Reporting I
  • Financial Reporting II
  • Tax Factors in Business Decisions

Online International SecurityMBA (view more)

For professionals who want to take a leadership role in addressing complex information security issues that are critical in a global digital economy, earning an MBA in Information Security can be a great fit. This type of degree program is in great demand, as you will learn to understand the many levels of risk and the best mitigation strategies. Also under the many organizational challenges and threats to global networks. The curriculum includes:

  • Risk Management
    Secure Network Design

Online Operations Management MBA (view more)

Many modern corporations have operations that span the globe. A company could source parts in one part of the US and need to ship those parts to several locations around the world to produce the product. Operations management is a critical function in todays international business world. Learn the cutting edge business operations tools you need to earn a high paying position in operations. The curriculum includes:

  • Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Economics for Business

Online Leadership Management MBA (view more)

It takes much more than just a fancy job title and a nice office to provide effective corporate leadership. Excellent leadership qualities in the business environment can be learned, but it takes the right type of MBA program to hone those essential leadership skills. This online MBA specialty ensures that you will learn how to be a top notch leader of your company without making costly mistakes. The curriculum includes:

  • Communication for Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Psychology of Leadership

Online Marketing MBA (view more)

In our increasingly competitive and global marketplace, you as a business leader need to know how to make your company stand out from its competitors. Learn how to evaluate the behavior of consumers, as well as the many challenges and opportunities in international marketing. Also learn how to apply marketing research to improve your decision making. The curriculum includes:

  • Promotions Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Management

Online Social Responsibility MBA (view more)

Social Responsibility: It is possible to be in favor of both earning high profits and also maintaining a corporate vision of social responsibility and environmental friendliness. This specialty will provide you with the skills to be a change leader in environmentally aware business practices. The curriculum includes:

  • Environmental Issues
  • Energy and Society
  • Environmental Compliance

Online Entrepreneurship MBA (view more)

You will apply entrepreneurial foundational knowledge and develop a grasp of entrepreneurial principles and how to apply them to modern entrepreneurial situations. This highly in demand MBA specialty will provide you with the specific knowledge and applied skills to both lead and manage innovative change in all types of companies. The curriculum includes:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Consulting
  • Franchising

Online Data AnalyticsMBA (view more)

Data analytics applies more and more to the modern world that goes far beyond mere business decisions. Many fields, from engineering to architecture to pharmacology, greatly depend upon data to make important decisions daily. Businesses are also becoming savvier and are more adept at predicting future risks and opportunities through good data analytics. So, the need for professionals in this booming field is soaring. Learn essential data analytics skills with these courses:

  • Foundation of Data Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Data Mining
  • Project Management in Information Technology

Online Healthcare MBA (view more)

Discover how to evaluate current issues and policies that exist in health care management in the US. Also, develop the critical healthcare business management skills that will put you in line to earn a much higher salary in positions such as healthcare practice manager, clinical director and manager. The curriculum includes:

  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Topics in Health Administration
  • Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare

Online Sports ManagementMBA (view more)

Professional sports are immensely popular in the US and around the globe, and there is great demand for business professionals with a sports business background. With an MBA in Sports Management you can enjoy a long, rewarding and profitable career either working for a sports organization or a company that is affiliated with sports organizations. The curriculum includes:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Seminar in Sports Management
  • Management of Sports Organizations

Top 10 MBA Considerations

While deciding on the best online MBA program for you, think about these key considerations:

  1. Academic quality – It should offer the same MBA degree whether the program is taken online or in person.
  2. Accreditation – All good online MBA programs have accreditation from widely recognized accreditation bodies, such as the AACSB.
  3. Flexibility options – Does the program offer asynchronous or synchronous classes, or a combination? Your personal and work schedule may require more flexibility, so bear that in mind as you choose your program.
  4. Concentrations – Does the MBA program offer the concentration that you prefer? Does it offer the types of elective MBA classes that you want to further your career?
  5. Faculty – Does the faculty have many years of experience in business, and is that business experience recent and in the specialization you are studying?
  6. Scholarships and fellowships – What type of scholarships and fellowships does the online MBA program offer to help to pay for your education?
  7. Networking opportunities – A major benefit of an MBA program is the networking opportunities and learning from other students and professors in the classroom. Does the online MBA program offer these opportunities online in chats, bulletin boards and online discussions? Are there in person meetings on the campus during the MBA program?
  8. Experience – How much work experience in the business field is the university looking for? Some online MBA programs want only very experienced business professionals, as this can lead to a better collaborative learning environment.
  9. Graduation rate – What percentage of online MBA students complete the program on time, and how many are employed within a year of graduation?
  10. Admissions – Is it required to take the GMAT or GRE to be admitted? You want to know well in advance if you will need to take one of the standardized tests.

Take the First Step

In an increasingly global, competitive marketplace, having MBA-level management and leadership skills are absolutely critical to your career progression. An accredited Online MBA will provide the opportunity to better serve your current company or business.

Use our website to learn about all of the accredited online MBA options available to you today.

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